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Terms and Conditions

By accepting and acknowledging Andrew's IT Solutions as your preffered IT Solutions provider you are accepting all policies , disclaimers and terms and conditions of Trade both with Andrew's IT Solutions and the website (www.andrewsitsolutions.com.au).

If your intent is to breach these terms and conditions of Trade please refrain from using our services. We are in business to promote quality of service and therefore we have outlined all relevant information you may wish to consult prior to making a purchase or booking a service. As times change and policies and procedures change Andrew's IT Solutions also reserves the right to amend and update the Terms and Conditions page at any time.

If you have any questions or would like any more information prior to trading with us, Please call 1300 939 696 or email andrew@andrewsitsolutions.com.au at any time and we will endeavour to satisfy and answer all your enquiries.


All services that are to be provided by Andrews IT Solutions are to be booked in for an appointment time and all your relevant contact details andress and phone number are collected mandatory by our team of technicians. We will not attend to any job without the mentioned details and a full description of the job prior to our call out. There is always an initial first hour service charge for every job and it is inclusive of travel time and the balance of time being that of the booked job. Customers will be required to complete a job sheet prior to the commencement of the job being carried out. Our technicians will only carry out all requirements of the job outlined on the job sheet, additional work will need to be re-booked or negotiated with the technician onsite.  Andrew's IT Solutions reserves the right to suspending your service at anytime if our technicians feel that a customer has breached the terms and conditions of our trading policies. 

By signing a job sheet you are accepting the full responsibility for payment on completion of the job for all products and services provided by Andrew's IT Solutions.


Andrews IT Solutions will not under any circumstance tolerate beiing abused in general whether it be at a job or via correspondance or even on the phone. We take pride in respecting you as the customer therefore we do expect the same in return. If it is deemed that a customer is abusing or misusing our services we will immediately suspend service and leave the job until a time can be arranged that both parties be on civil and mutual terms. Breaching our abuse policy with in our terms and conditions may result in future services being discontinued if any of our technicians feel uncomfortable dealing with you again. We pride ourself in giving respect and providing service with a comprehensive and comprehendable service tailored to the individual need we are not here to insult your intelligence.


All complaints need to be submitted in writting , be factual and outline all information including your return contact details so all forwarding responses can be adequately answered in a timely manner. We do our best to resolve issues with a positive outcome where possible. However complaints that become unfounded or may defame our business or technicians personally may result in further action being consulted.


Anyone who chooses to malciously harm or attack the Andrews IT Solutions website ( i.e. unsolicited spamming / email bombing or fraudlently misusing the website or content with in it ) may find there actions logged inclusive of their IP address and country of origin. If this information becomes evident it may be used in conjunction with external measures to seek advice or legal representation for any damages caused to the website or to the loss of any business.

Price Match 

Andrews IT Solutions does its best to offer the best prices and services to all of it customers. There are times we cannot compete with prices owing to bigger companies buying in bulk and getting better prices. What we can do though is offer premium customer service with excellent individual and tailored service to your specific requirements. When we can price match a product , We will absolutely do it to make you the customer happy and not only that in some cases we may even throw in some bonuses to make the deal even sweeter and show our gratitude for using Andrews IT Solutions as your one stop IT provider.


All jobs that require parts to be ordered will require a 10% deposit upfront which is non-refundable. All desktop computer systems will require a 50% deposit upfront prior to commencement of build and delivery. All laptops and all in one computer systems will require to be paid in full upfront prior to ordering and delivery. All computer system purchases have a 10% non-refundable factor inclusive if the order is cancelled or not going ahead for any reason. Any items that are special orders require a 50% deposit upfront and if cancelled a non refundable deposit of 10% is incurred for administration costs for returning the product to the supplier.

Payment Methods

Andrews IT Solutions accepts a number of different payment methods as listed here ; cash , eftpos , credit card ( visa & mastercard ) , direct deposit and paypal via the website (www.andrewsitsolutions.com.au).. WE DO NOT accept CHEQUES (personal or bank). All refunds will be made the same way the initial payment was made.

Cash - If paying by cash a 10% discount will apply and cash means " Paper currency or EFTPOS transactions " only.

Eftpos - We carry a mobile eftpos terminal that accepts eftpos  and credit cards. (visa and mastercard) a 2% surcharge applies to all credit card transactions.

Credit Card - We accept visa and mastercards only at Andrews IT Solutions.

Direct Deposit - All direct deposit payments need to be made prior to leaving the premises of the customer and the details of the transaction recorded or printed out and given to one of our technicians. All direct deposits paid should be cleared with in 48 hours of the service being carried out and failure to comply with this will involve immediate action of paying the invoice by the means of anotther payment method or incurring additional fees and charges on late payments. We bank with Westpac Banking corporation and all transactions will need to be directed to;

Andrews IT Solutions
BSB - 034 053
Account Number - 218826

Paypal - Paypal is accepted via our website for the purchase of products and services.

Warranty / RA / Store Credit / Refund

All products purchased via Andrews IT Solutions carry a warranty weather it be an inhouse Andrews IT Solutions warranty or Manufacturers warranty. If a product is covered by a manufacturers warranty then the first point of call is to contact the manufacturer in the documentation provided and to book a job and have the item shipped back to them for repair or replacement. In relation to manufacturer warranties you will also need to show evidence of the purchase date and a copy of the original invoice. Andrews IT Solutions will require seeing the original invoice prior to any warranty claims being carried out inhouse, failing to provide proof of purchase will mean any repairs or replacement claims will become chargeable.

All new computer systems built by Andrews IT Solutions carry a 12 month from date of purchase comprehensive hardware warranty which means we cover the physical hardware of the computer. If the hardware carrys a manufacturer warranty such as printers and monitors you will need to contact the manufacturer for further information. Any products found to be DOA (dead on arrivial) with in the first 7 days of purchase we will replace or give a full refund at the customers request. Andrews IT Solutions reserves the right for products older than 7 days to be sent back to the supplier or in for repair. A store credit maybe allocated in the event a customer is wishing to upgrade to a better component with in the warranty period and the balance of the invoice is paid in full.

All warranty enquiries need to be addressed in writing and emailed to warranty@andrewsitsolutions.com.au one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible with all information needed to process your claim. All warranty claims will be null and void if it is to be deemed that a product has been tampered with and misconfigured a service charge may apply.

If a customer wishes to take their computer purchased via Andrews IT Solutions to another computer repairer during the warranty period fo have a repair or upgrade performed on their machine. They will need written permission from Andrews IT Solutions and will have to inform us of what is being carried out on the machine. Our warranty cover is non-transferrable so if you are going to another computer repairer for a warranty issue you need to be aware that you will be paying for the product and service in full.

Under no circumstances will we cover something under warranty that has been tampered with by the customer, children, or a non technical orientated person who has caused damage to the machine without the consent of Andrews IT Solutions.

Warranty - Defined by Andrews IT Solutions as the period duration that the hardware is covered for either by inhouse warranty or manufacturers warranty.

RA - Return Authority is the form with all the relevant details about the product fault inclusive of customers purchase history and details. (usually gets sent with the product back to the supplier)

Store Credit -  Is the credit given in store for an item that is deemed faulty that can not be replaced, customer may wish to use this towards upgrading to a better component.

Refund - Andrews IT Solutions will only provide a full refund in the same form it was initially paid with in 7 days of the product either being DOA or faulty we will not just give a refund because the customer has changed their mind. All items to be returned for a refund will require the original packaging and documentation, cables and any software that was included. Please be aware in relation to full refunds we cannot refund the cost of software that has been installed and therefore the customer will have to incurr this cost. We will not give a full refund on any items that are deemed damage or misused. Proof of purchase will be required as is Identification.

Insurance Quotations & Reports

We are happy to provide insurance reports and quotations on the basis that the you the customer provide the following information and the faulty item to be assessed / diagnosed. We will require your contact details and your insurance providers details inclusive of a claim number. In regards to the item being addressed we will need to see the physical item and have a brief explanation of the item and when it stopped working and how it came it about. We will then diagnose and compile a quotation and report for your insurer inclusive of photographs and our findings. As this is a process that involves testing, diagnosis and report writting there will be a fee charged for this service which can be then rembursed by your insurer usually. On completion of the payment you will recieve a copy in PDF format of the report and quotation. Your insurer will also be sent / emailed a copy as well.

Privacy Policy

As a valued and respected customer of Andrews IT Solutions you will recieve the utmost care when it comes to your privacy and information. We do not share or re-distribute any of your personal information. We only store your registration details in relation to your user account for purchasing products and services from Andrews IT Solutions. We do not onsell your data to any third party providers for beneficial gain. When you do business you strictly deal only with Andrews IT Solutions.

Passwords & Data

When it comes to your computer and having repairs carried out we suggest you have all passwords available at the time of repair and we do recommend that after every repair that you change or consider changing your passwords as in this day and age cybersecurity is a thing of the future. We do not endorse using weak or passwords you have used previously. It is also highly recommended that if your a person who autosaves their passwords with in web browsers and auto fill forms that you write your passwords down in a book so you don't forget them later.

Data it's the important information stored and created on your computer it can be lost in many different ways; viruses , data theft , physical hardware damage and simply because of not backing up. Backing your own data up is mandatory and your own responsibility whether its a personal or business based computer. Andrews IT Solutions will not be held accountable for any data loss prior, during or after any computer repairs have been carried out. We do however backup your data at all time where we can prior to commencing a clean installation of the operating system. We backup the most common folders with in the user profile , any business related databases , photos and pictures , music and email , if there is any other critical data to be backed up we stipulate that you let us know at the time of filling in the Job sheet for repair.

Internet Security and Antivirus Software

After every clean install or virus removal service it is our recommendation at Andrews IT Solutions that your very first measure of prevention is to invest in a good Antivirus / Internet Security package for your computer. We onsell all major brand virus protection programs and recommend you purchase one of these to prevent and protect your computer from harm and malicious attacks. Andrews IT Solutions is not accountable or responsible if your computer attracts a virus or trojan and you don't protect your data or computer with a security package. Viruses are a natural act of god and are so random that they can hit on any day at any time and  the damage they can cause can be quite alarming in some respects.

Abandoned Devices

It is a customers responsibility and obligation to pay for and collect their computer on completion of repairs. Andrews IT Solutions reserves the right to with hold the customers goods , products or services until the funds outstanding have been paid in full. We are not a credit facility or provider and have no intention to be one now or in the future. Customers will be contacted once all repairs are complete and expected to come and collect their computer with in a timely manner. All computers that have not been collected with in 30 days and after all efforts have been made to contact the client will incurr a $25.00 a month storage fee for their items this will then promote the repair to an Abandoned device. After 60 days and if the computer is still in the possesion of Andrews IT Solutions and the outstanding balance for the repair and storage fees is still unpaid then we reserve the right to sell the customers goods and to recoupe any and all costs for the repairs carried out and storage of the customers computer. 

Trade-ins & Donations (RECYCLE IT)

We offer and welcome trade-in on working computers providing the computer is in working condition. We do not offer cash for trade-ins it is simply credit towards to purchase of a new computer from Andrews IT Solutions. We will only accept computer boxes or complete computers for trade-ins and the amount of trade-in credit you recieve is dependent on the age and condition of your equipment. When it comes to parts for computers or computer equipment you no longer use or need please feel free to DONATE it to Andrews IT Solutions as we maybe able to use it in conjunction with our RECYCLE IT program aimed at helping those in need of repairing their computer and can't afford to spend alot.

Our RECYCLE IT program will be aimed at helping those less fortunate and who don't have a big budget to make sure they have access to a computer for their homes to assist with helping their children get through school, the elderly become more computer savy and just to plain old give something back to a community that may need it. It is a program that Andrews IT Solutions considers to be one of good will and we can't do this alone. For all those people who donate computer equipment to Andrews IT Solutions as a good gesture we will give you a gift voucher to use for products and services from Andrews IT Solutions.