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Rent a PC or Laptop

Rent a Desktop or Laptop
 Rent a Desktop or Laptop PC
Andrew's IT Solutions believes everybody and every household should have the opportunity to have access to an alternative solution to purchasing a desktop or laptop computer. We will be offering both refurbished desktop and laptop bundles for you to rent. As with any rental procedure you will need to undergo a few simple criteria prior to being approved for rental.
We do not discriminate against anyone applying for rental of goods all we ask is you keep up the regular payments and adhere to all conditions outlined.
We will be seeking a 1/3 deposit upfront on all rental purchases and the remainder be divided up over a 6 to 12mth period by fortnightly payments. Failure to comply with fortnightly payments or default simply means Andrew's IT Solutions reserves ownership of all goods rented and has the right to charge interest and administration fees in addition to what is in arrears.
All applicants applying for rental will need the following items to be successful on the day of approval. Any scanned or photocopies will need to be certified by a JP. Originals must be sighted on the day and 1/3 deposit upfront payable to Andrew's IT Solutions.
We require the following ; driver's license , birth certificate or extract , 2 current pay slips or 2 recent bank statements , telephone or mobile bill and proof of your current residential address. If you don't provide the above requirements then Andrew's IT Solutions reserves the right to deny your application for a rental computer.




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