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Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repairs & Upgrades
Andrew's IT Solutions provides a number of services in relation to laptop repair. We can upgrade your laptop's memory or hard drive, re-install your windows or even provide a more extensive quotation for a screen repair or replacement power adaptor for your laptop.  Genuine laptop parts are highly expensive to the wallet and we can offer a number of third party brands which are universal and will fit and fix your laptop for sure and within your budget.

Most of the time we stock universal power adaptors in 65w, 90w and 120w that are compatible with most major brand laptops. If we don't have it instock on the day we can certainly have it ordered in for you. With power adaptors we need to know the exact model of your laptop and brand, and the details on the underneath side of your exsisting power adaptor. i.e. DC Volts and so forth once we have this information we can get a price and let you know if or when it is available. Price range is approximately $55.00 to $99.00

We can source most brand universal laptop batteries, all we need to know is the brand of the laptop and the model including the part number on the battery. Batteries are extremely expensive to replace for a genuine part so we offer an affordable alternative and they work just as good. Prices range approximately from $65.00 - $TBA

The most common repair known to man with laptop computers is having the screen replaced or repaired due to damage or heavy missuse. We can supply and fit most model laptop screens although we like to be 100% sure and check the laptop out first. We need to collect the model number and brand of the laptop, inclusive of the current model number of the screen in the laptop presently. To replace and re-fit a laptop screen you are looking between $199.00 to around $249.00. It takes us a few days to organise this type of repair therefore we would need your laptop for service for at least a couple of days. We do not repair glass screens.

When it comes to upgrading your laptop's memory we can source DDR2 & DDR 3 Memory modules all the time, when it comes to older DDR memory modules it is harder to source sometimes. In regards to replacing and fitting a new hard drive you need to remember that once a new hard drive is installed your windows also needs to be installed to it. We can provide a complete service here and do the full upgrade from start to finish at an affordable price to you.




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