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IT Services

IT Services

Andrews IT Solutions provides a varied range of IT Services and Solutions for both the domestic and small business computer user. Our services come with the best of knowledge and skills performed by our Technicians. We accomodate your budget whilst keeping in mind we are here to also keep a business viable and available for your IT related needs and enquiries.

We do our best to promote sales , service and support to you whether it be in the comfort of your own home / workplace or even if you bring the computer to us. Discounts are available to Pensioners and Seniors every thursday we offer 1/2 price labor only. We also know students are on a budget therefore if you present your Student ID card at the time of your computer repair we also offer discount. (Disclaimer- terms and conditions apply to discounts).

Onsite Services

Onsite service is where we attend your residence or business premises to carry out computer repairs , including sales , service & support at the fees and rates which apply below.

Initial first hour onsite $89.00 / hr

Every consecutive hour after $69.00 / hr

Pensioner & Seniors Initial first hour onsite $69.00 / hr

Pensioner & Seniors every consecutive hour after onsite $49.00 / hr

Students & Centrelink Low Income $39.00 / hr ( every day rate providing Student ID shown )

Parts for all onsite jobs are additional.

Workshop Services

Workshop service involves you packing up your computer and bringing it to our workshop. (Disclaimer - you must making a time to drop off the computer for repair as we are not always in the workshop). If you choose to deliver the computer to the workshop for repair our Technicians can look at the issue and advise by quotation the costs involved in repairing your computer. Anything that will take longer than 3 hours to fix automatically becomes a quoted job. Workshop fees and rates which apply are outlined as below.

There is no initial first hour charge for workshop services.

Workshop first 3 hours of service charged at $39.00 / hr + parts

At the point of exceeding 3 hours of work or assuming it will exceed 3 hours of work one of our technicians will quote the job.

Remote Services

Remote services are services that can be carried out over the internet , meaning you will need to having a working internet connection at the time of booking and having a remote session carried out. We recommend using Teamviewer as the preferred choice of remote host software solution. When making a booking for a remote service job we advise the customer it be mandatory and necessary they be sitting in front of the computer at the time of appointment to watch what is being carried out. Our Technicians charge up front by this service and there is an initial $15.00 service fee just to make the initial connection. After the initial connection has been made a standard fee of $25.00 per session is charged out. We endeavour to resolve all your computing issues but in some cases a remote session appointment may need to be escalated to an onsite service if the repair is to do with the physical computer itself. (Disclaime - payment for initial connection required upfront , ask about our payment terms).

Initial remote session connection $15.00 / connection

Session charge $25.00 / session.

Every remote service carried out by Andrews IT Solutions will incur the session connection fee + the session charge.

Weekend or Urgent Services

All urgent and weekend services carried out by Andrews IT Solutions will incur an additional $22 inc GST / hr if carried out on a weekend or request to be carried out urgently. This charge only applies to the Onsite Service fees as we may require to rearrange our schedule to accomodate your needs with one of our technicians.


Pensioners & Seniors have the opportunity every thursday to get a massive discount on labor services with Andrews IT Solutions we are offering 1/2 price ./ hourly labor on all Onsite Service charges , Students and Centrelink low income earners will be charged the everyday rate of $39.00 / hr for labor only with every job carried out by our technicians.


Andrews IT Solutions reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of $39.00 if we turn up to a Job and nobody is there or has informed us that the job has been cancelled. With all due respect and appreciation we to run a business and schedule jobs therefore it would be highly appreciated if you cancel your job with in a reasonable time frame so as you don't incur a service fee.


Disclaimer - " By selecting Andrews IT Solutions as your preferred IT Solutions and service provider you are acknowledging that you are aware of all our services fees and charges including the terms and conditions of trade and are fully satisfied that all charges relating to your job requirements. We would expect that all customer's pay the balance of all relevant invoices on completion of the job. Andrews IT Solutions also reserves the right to add additional administration fees against invoices which are paid late. We are not a credit facility and do not advertise to be , our services are based soley on the fee for service principal " . All discounts that may apply will only be made against invoicing providing all terms and conditions which apply are satisfied and are at the discretion of the technican carrying out the job.

If we turn up to a job and extra items of service are requested at that time we will offer to continue the appointment for an agreed additional fee or let you know you will need to book an additional appointment as our schedule for the day is booked out. We also would expect that at the time of a technician performing a service that you have all your passwords handy for your internet related email and modem settings so as we can accomodate the job being completed in a timely manner.