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Registration Terms & Conditions

Registration Terms & Conditions

To purchase goods online with Andrew's IT Solutions you need to be a "Registered" user this simply means you need to create an account comprising of a login and password.

All new registrations will require mandatory information such as your name , personal details and address. If it is found that the new "Registration" process is being abused the account and IP address will be locked out of the website completely.

It is expected that all new accounts comply with all questions asked with in the submission process and that all information be true and correct.

Andrew's IT Solutions will on random occassions audit all "Registered" user accounts and confirm there validity with some simple operational procedures.

All information lodged with in the Registration process is solely owned by Andrew's IT Solutions and will not under any circumstance be given out to any 3rd Parties.

If you have read and agree to these terms & conditions please "TICK" the I agree box on the Registration Application prior to submitting your Account.

It is your own personal responsibilty to look after and take note of your username and password at the time of Regestering for an Account.

It will also be your own personal responsibility to advise Andrew's IT Solutions if you do or do not want to be added to our mailing list.



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