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Computer Cases

We stock and carry a wide range of computer cases from generic to high end cases. Cases vary in price based on their quality , features and if they come inclusive of a powersupply or not. When purchasing a case you need to take in to account the viability of it being suitable for your hardware.

The key factors to remember when purchasing a any computer case is the ventilation and cooling requirements for your hardware, is there enough room for multiple hard drives, will the form factor of your motherboard fit the case housing and finally a big one we all really need to remember especially if your a gamer is the the graphic card size as a lot of cases don't allow a lot of room for graphics cards to fit in, so don't get caught out. Buy once, Buy right

The type of cooling system you are using also will need to be taken into account when purchasing a case, you will need to do research on water cooling system sizes if you choose to run this type of setup. In relation to convential cooling just make sure the case you buy has room for additional fans whether it be case fans or 120mm to 140mm fans.